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Hey, girl, hey! Welcome & thanks for coming to my shop, babe! 

In case you don’t know me from my blog, I’ll introduce myself and the work that I do.

So, I’m Layla and one of my passions is supporting Black women. In a society that doesn’t love us, I made it my mission to support women in feeling good about themselves. I realize that I had to go through feelings of lack of enoughness, insecurities and emotional wounds to help you with yours. 

It’s important that you understand that you’re fucking gorgeous whether you have 4c hair or type 2 hair, whether you have jet black or albino white skin. My path was definitely not an easy one but to get to this point, it was all worth it!

Next, what is the purpose of this site? 

Well, this website is for my NEW Self love course FOR Black women called “Self-Lovin Sistas: A Guide For The Lost & Wounded Black Woman”. It goes over everything from self-discovery to how to unlock your Black Girl M.A.G.I.C.! 

If you are feeling like you have no purpose, hurt, ugly, wanting to heal from wounds & so much more I encourage you to find out more here.

I hope I’ll be seeing more of you and I get the wonderful chance of working with you!